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Staff Bios

  • Carla Lachman

    I have been enjoying crossfit since December 2008. I took my Crossfit level
    1 and Crossfit kids certification in June 2010. I enjoy instructing and
    believe it has made me a better Crossfitter! I love that the WOD's are
    always changing and actually like double unders.(now that I can do them!)
  • Dawn Isaac

    I am into my seventh year of cross-fit with PURE fitness and my passion for it continues to grow. I was not involved in any sports as a kid, and became interested in Crossfit after many years of distance running with chronic injuries. I have now found a balance with shorter runs a few days a week mixed in with 3-5 Crossfit workouts a week. I am blessed to be a stay at home mom of two great kids (with a super sweet husband). I obtained my Crossfit level 1 in 2012 and was able to attend both the Crossfit mobility and and Crossfit Kids courses over this past year. I am excited to share my love of Crossfit with kids and adults alike.
    I am a huge fan of the Crossfit open in February of every year. I encourage everyone to give it a try. It's a great way to challenge yourself and monitor your progress year to year.
    More than anything, I love the sense of Community that I get from Crossfit and particularly at PURE.....my days are always brighter after spending time with my gym family :)
  • Jason MacDonald

    Bio coming soon
  • Jose Diz

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  • Kelly MacDonald

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  • Courtney Hueppelsheuser

    Hey all!
    I'm Courtney. I started participating in CrossFit in September of 2012 and I am seriously addicted and became certified on November 17, 2013. My favorite WOD is Karen ... haha just kidding it's Grace. I grew up just west of Blackfalds on a farm so I have always been very active with all of the animals we had. I have also been involved in organized sports for majority of my life, I danced competitively for 10 years and played rugby for 8 years. Family has always been very important to me, not only my relational family but my gym family as well. I hope to make you feel as comfortable and as much a part of the PURE family as I feel.
  • Kennedy Shybunka

    Bio coming soon
  • Kirsten Barschel

    First and foremost, I am a mom to three kids and wife to one bigger kid (just kidding Gord). I love to be active so even though I am a stay at home mom - I seem to have forgotten to stay at home!! I guess that is because I am often at my home away from home - Pure Fitness CrossFit. I joined Pure about four years ago with no knowledge of CrossFit - just a desire to try something new. After my first WOD I knew this was it! Functional movement, constantly varied, high intensity - exactly what I was looking for. The added bonus is all the people - a community of friends pursuing the same goal as me - fitness in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The level of intensity is all on me!!

    I completed my CrossFit Level One Trainer's Course in January 2012. As a coach I encourage everyone to make their goals performance based - not appearance based. I love to help athletes achieve their goals after weeks, sometimes months of work. "I got it" are the best words to hear at the end of a class. It is really rewarding to see an athlete attend class consistently and see the results they are working for. I look forward to meeting even more athletes this year as Pure continues to grow. Come join us anytime! 3..2..1..GO!

    My favourite WOD is probably Nate or Cindy or Fran or 13.3 - I don't know - I love them all! I usually think I am going to hate the WOD but then I end up loving it because... that's CrossFit!!

    My goal this year is to stretch more so if you see me standing around after class throw a roller or a mat at me!! I also decided that this year wall ball was going to become my best friend. So far we still kind of hate each other!!
  • Lauren Padilla

    My name is Lauren. I walked through Pure Fitness’s doors October 2012 and became Level 1 trained November 2013. My addiction to CrossFit started day one. Currently my favourite WOD’s are Open WOD 13.3 (10 minute AMRAP of a 5 x 75lb shoulder to overhead, 10 x 75lb deadlift, and 15 20” box jumps) and WOD 6 of the 2013 Saskatoon BCBD (1 rep deadlift/hang clean/thruster complex every 60 seconds with progressively heavier barbells). I grew up in Saskatchewan where I received my Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and now work in Red Deer as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. I’ve always been a sports enthusiast, playing a variety of competitive sports from a young age through high school and into post secondary education. One of the reasons I love CrossFit is because although it is competitive, it is also very much a “team” environment. CrossFit creates a community of people with common goals and everyone is always there to support each other and push each other to their highest potential every day.
  • Nan Shybunka

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  • Natasha Roach

    Bio coming soon
  • Steven Bergeron

    My name is Steven Bergeron and I am a CrossFit level 1 instructor with Pure Fitness Red Deer. After graduating from high school in 2009 I moved to Red Deer and enrolled in RDC's Kinesiology fitness and health promotion diploma. It was in October of 2009 when I was first introduced to CrossFit, and could never picture myself leaving the CrossFit community. I took my level 1 seminar in October 2010 and have been instructing ever since. I have been lucky enough to take part in Canada West's Regional the past two years placing 19th in 2012, and 12th at the 2013 event as an individual competitor. I am sick of watching people walk into gyms and not get the results they are looking for. With CrossFit, if you put in the hard work and dedication, you are guaranteed to get the results, which is why I am now in the best shape of my life. If CrossFit has taught me anything over the years, it's that a fitness program is more than just a part of our busy lives that we try to squeeze in. It's a way of life, from the way we train, to the way we eat, to the way we live our lives. Honestly, how many gyms can you go into and have such an amazing atmosphere during a workout, and know that the person next to you is hurting just as bad as you?

    Favourite workout: FRAN!!!
  • Colleen MacKay

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  • Logan Vanderham

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  • Patrick Padilla

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  • Keel MacDonald

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  • Siew Weldon

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  • Michelle Tam

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  • Teagan Peddy

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  • Jason Goodship

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  • Tammy Crossland

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  • Hailey Eufemia

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