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Kirsten Barschel

First and foremost, I am a mom to three kids and wife to one bigger kid (just kidding Gord). I love to be active so even though I am a stay at home mom - I seem to have forgotten to stay at home!! I guess that is because I am often at my home away from home - Pure Fitness CrossFit. I joined Pure about four years ago with no knowledge of CrossFit - just a desire to try something new. After my first WOD I knew this was it! Functional movement, constantly varied, high intensity - exactly what I was looking for. The added bonus is all the people - a community of friends pursuing the same goal as me - fitness in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The level of intensity is all on me!!

I completed my CrossFit Level One Trainer's Course in January 2012. As a coach I encourage everyone to make their goals performance based - not appearance based. I love to help athletes achieve their goals after weeks, sometimes months of work. "I got it" are the best words to hear at the end of a class. It is really rewarding to see an athlete attend class consistently and see the results they are working for. I look forward to meeting even more athletes this year as Pure continues to grow. Come join us anytime! 3..2..1..GO!

My favourite WOD is probably Nate or Cindy or Fran or 13.3 - I don't know - I love them all! I usually think I am going to hate the WOD but then I end up loving it because... that's CrossFit!!

My goal this year is to stretch more so if you see me standing around after class throw a roller or a mat at me!! I also decided that this year wall ball was going to become my best friend. So far we still kind of hate each other!!
Kirsten Barschel